BBC fails to report on biggest animal rights march in recent history

On Bank Holiday Monday, thousands of compassionate people descended upon the streets of London to voice their support for the ban on fox hunting, deer hunting, and hare coursing. The ‘Make Hunting History March’ followed Theresa May’s public announcement that the Conservative Party intends to hold  free vote on repeal of the Hunting Act. The organisers of the event estimated that there were several thousand people in attendance marching from Cavendish Square to outside Downing Street, with members of the public joining at various points of the route.

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Despite national media coverage from The Mirror, The Evening Standard, The Independent, The Metro, ITV London News and the Daily Record amongst others, it appears the BBC chose to ignore the event, despite filming just minutes up the road for the London 10,000 race.




31 Replies to “BBC fails to report on biggest animal rights march in recent history”

  1. disgraceful! i expect the bbc to cover newsworthy activities! has anyone actually asked them why they chose not to cover it? i would be interested to hear an explanation!

    with all the things taking place in the world, and locally, they feel they have the time to debate this all over again?? time better spent elsewhere i suggest!!’😡


    1. No its not that !!. Mrs May and the rest of the murderous tories don’t want anybody to see how many folk are against animal cruelty. We can’t do much about terrorism but we can stop cruelty .the repeal must not go though or 86% or more people will rebel .


  2. The Tory dictator wicked witch Theresa May supports animal cruelty and probably told BBB and Sky not to show the demonstration.


  3. Am disgusted that the animal rights demonstration against fox hunting was not covered by the BBC.
    Shows the BBC are in favour of this cruelty and inhuman act.


  4. I could not believe that the protest was not covered on the TV does anyone know if any channel showed it at all.??BBC This is the people of England & we do not want any type of hunting but the BBC have been totally ignorant of our views & wishes. It’s a disgrace shame on you BBC !!!!!!!!


  5. BBC!!!, lame when it comes to animal welfare!!!, have called them out before on animal cruelty!!!, the excuses are unbelieveable!!!.


  6. Contractors building the Accommodation block for Hinckley c have secured authorised cull of wild rabbits on the building site …… EDF shame on you !!!


  7. I was there at the march in support. I’ve always voted Tory but now going to abstain or possibly vote labour. I’m sure and hope there are many of us amongst the 80 odd percent. Don’t heckle me please!


  8. Keep the ban. The BBC obviously do not care about animals (unless a programme is making money) but thousands of people do care passionately.
    Unbiased reporting………….


  9. i’ve noticed they seem to be avoiding the subject full stop. Not just the protest but fox hunting in general seems to be swept under the carpet considering its such a major concern to alot of voters


  10. I’m totally disgusted at the BBC! I grew up in the 1950s when you could pretty much trust them for accurate unbiassed reporting – what happened to that ????? Sadly I couldn’t join my friends on the march but I could see from video clips there were thousands there. Shame on you BBC! You’ve lost my trust and respect !!!


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